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Corporate Responsibility

Message from the CEO

Cargolux is strongly committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. These principles are rooted in the company’s philosophy and fully integrated in its corporate strategy. This engagement was first formalized in 2007, when Cargolux signed the UN Global Compact and re-affirmed with the endorsement of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2017.

As a leading cargo airline operating on a global network, Cargolux recognizes its responsibility and strives to promote sound business practices throughout the organization. Over the years, the company has developed a solid Corporate Social Responsibility program based on 3 key pillars: Environment, Social, and Governance.

These principles are reflected in all the initiatives and strategic measures implemented throughout the organization. From environmental efforts, to community engagement, and ethical practices, Cargolux aims to create value for all its stakeholders. To ensure the company’s CSR initiatives are fully aligned with that of its stakeholders, an engagement program was launched to establish what topics should be defined as priorities.

This consultation has enabled Cargolux to look closely into its CSR targets, fine-tune them and establish a roadmap that covers all our identified material topics in a coherent and holistic manner. This framework will help to further shape our strategy and define progression areas for the future. Building on our achievements and buoyed by the enthusiasm and commitment our of teams, I am confident that our CSR goals can be met and even surpassed.  

There are many interesting developments ahead for the company and I look forward to working on these topics in close cooperation with our stakeholders. I would like to conclude by extending my heartfelt thank you to all Cargolux employees in Luxembourg and around the globe who show confidence and pride in our organization and embrace our commitment to sustainability. I would also like to salute our customers, partners, shareholders and other stakeholders for engaging on this CSR journey with us. I look forward to continuing on this path to cement Cargolux’s position as a leading provider of sustainable air cargo solutions

President & CEO

Richard Forson