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747-8F Specifications

See 747-400F Specifications




Maximum take-off weight

449 056 kg

990 000 lbs

Maximum revenue payload

134 000 kg

295 000 lbs



Wing span

68,45 m

224 ft 7 in


19,40 m

63 ft

Overall length

76,25 m

250 ft 2 in


Cabin width (floor level)

5,90 m

19 ft

Cabin length

56,40 m

185 ft


Typical volume capacity

Main Deck

692,7 m324462 ft3

Lower compartments (bellies)

150,9 m35330 ft3


14,5 m3520 ft3


Main Deck

Efficient Main Deck handles



Main Deck Side Cargo Door



Nose Cargo Door



Lower Deck



Lower Cargo compartment doors



Bulk Cargo compartment door


Cross Section

Cargo door arrangement