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Product Overview

Cargolux offers 25 combinations of products and services

combination of products and services

CV Alive

Great or small, domesticated or not, we are experts in transporting live animals across the world in first-class.

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CV Classic

CV classic meets the needs of any air cargo shipment that requires fast, reliable and expert handling.

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CV Jumbo

We are specialized in handling the most difficult loads, thanks to our modern fleet, our experienced, dedicated and expert staff and our state-of-the-art cargo systems.

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CV Power

If you’re in the business that powers this world, Cargolux is your perfect vehicle. We have a dedicated team that creates solutions where others see problems.

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CV Hazmat

Yet, every day, we carry flammable, corrosive, toxic, spontaneously combustible or infectious substances, as well as explosives, oxidants, poisonous goods, cryogenic liquids, magnetized and radioactive materials swiftly, safely and efficiently.

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CV Pharma

Transporting products that aim to improve the life of patients represents an important responsibility. That’s why our highly trained and experienced people discuss the specific requirements of an end-to-end temperature-controlled process with you.

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CV Fresh

Moving perishable goods around the world at the perfect temperature requires sophisticated equipment and highly trained and professionals.

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CV Precious

Versed in the art of air cargo, Cargolux is your privileged airfreight partner to ship all kinds of valuables and artworks across the globe.

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Select meets the needs of air cargo shipments requiring premium commitment.

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Select +

Select+ takes the Select engagement to get a higher service level.

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Spot offers you reliable service at the current market rate.

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Saver allows you to make savings on the rate with your less time-sensitive shipments.

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